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  • 0.2.3 (latest)
  • 0.1.0
released Apr 15th 2015
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  • RedHat

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CERNOps/abrt — version 0.2.3 Apr 15th 2015

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abrt module

This is the abrt module. It can be used to maintain both the abrt daemon and libreport.

Basic usage

Ensure that abrtd is running:

class { 'abrt': }

Ensure that abrtd is not running:

class { 'abrt':
  active => false,


  • stdlib (join)
  • inifile (ini_setting)

Configuration options

The abrt module supports all configuration options in the following files:

  • abrt.conf
  • abrt-action-save-package-data.conf

The defaults used are the Scientific Linux default values:

  class { 'abrt':
    active => true,
    maxcrashreportssize => '1000',
    dumplocation => '/var/spool/abrt',
    deleteuploaded => 'no',
    opengpgcheck => 'yes',
    blacklist => ['nspluginwrapper', 'valgrind', 'strace', 'mono-core'],
    blacklistedpaths => ['/usr/share/doc/*', '*/example*', '/usr/bin/nspluginviewer', '/usr/lib/xulrunner-*/plugin-container'],
    processunpackaged => 'no',

Other variables allow to configure libreport:

  • abrt_mail: Send notifications using mailx
  • abrt_mailx_to: Specify who to send the reports to ('false' to enable defaults)
  • abrt_mailx_from: Specify who should be appearing as the sender of reports ('false' to enable defaults)
  • abrt_mailx_binary: Set the binary option for mailx ('false' to enable defaults)
  • abrt_mailx_detailed_subject: Set a subject optimized for Puppet ('fqdn [hostgroup] abrt crash report for program [package]')
  • abrt_mailx_send_duplicate: Send notification for duplicated events ([true]/false)
  • abrt_sosreport: Generate sosreport ([true]/false)
  • abrt_backtrace: Control backtrace generation, requires gdb ([false]/full/simple)