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released Aug 13th 2020
This version is compatible with:
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CERNOps/cvmfs — version 7.3.0 Aug 13th 2020

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This cvmfs module is designed to install, enable and configure CvmFS clients and servers.

For general details on CvmFS see

Custom Facts

The module include one customfacts

  • cvmfspartsize returns the size in megabytes of partition that contains the CVMFS_CACHE_BASE.

Client Configuration

To configure a cvmfs client to mount cvmfs repository with the default autofs.

  cvmfs_http_proxy  => '',
  cvmfs_quota_limit => 100
  cvmfs_server_url  => '',

To configure a cvmfs client to mount a domain of repositories with autofs.

  cvmfs_http_proxy  => '',
  cvmfs_quota_limit => 100,

  cvmfs_server_url   => ''

To use puppet's mount type rather that autofs a typical configuration might be the following. This examples configures a cvmfs domain, a configuration repository and finally a particular repository for mount.

  mount_method => 'mount',
  cvmfs_server_url   => ''
  require => Cvmfs::Domain[''],
  require => Cvmfs::Domain[''],

Parameters to Cvmfs Class

  • config_automounter now deprecated, setting this will cause a msg and fail.
  • mount_method A string , can be set to autofs, mount or none. The default autofs will configure cvmfs to be mounted with autofs. The mount option will use puppets mount type, currently adding a line to /etc/fstab. The none option skips all mounting. Note that migrating between for instance autofs and then mount is not supported.
  • manage_autofs_service boolean defaults to true, should the autofs service be maintained.
  • cvmfs_quota_limit The cvmfs quota size in megabytes. See params.pp for default.
  • cvmfs_quota_ratio If set to ration, e.g '0.8' then 0.8 of the partition size the cvmfs cache is on will be used. Setting this assumes you have allocated a partition to cvmfs cache.
  • cvmfs_http_proxy List of squid servers, see params.pp for default.
  • cvmfs_cache_base Location of the CVMFS cache base, see params.pp for default.
  • cvmfs_dns_min_ttl Minimum ttl of DNS lookups.
  • cvmfs_dns_max_ttl Maximum ttl of DNS lookups. cvmfs_claim_ownership Whether the client claims ownership of files or not, see params.pp for default.
  • cvmfs_memcache_size Size of the CernVM-FS meta-data memory cache in Megabyte.
  • cvmfs_mount_rw Mount option to mount read-only or read/write, 'yes|no', see params.pp for default.
  • cvmfs_follow_redirects Sets CVMFS_FOLLOW_REDIRECTS to its value, by default unset.
  • cvmfs_timeout cvmfs timeout setting, see params.pp for default.
  • cvmfs_timeout_direct cvmfs timeout to direct connections, see params.pp for default.
  • cvmfs_nfiles Number of open files, system setting, see params.pp for default.
  • cvmfs_syslog_level Default is in params.pp
  • cvmfs_tracefile Create a tracefile at this location.
  • cvmfs_debuglog Create a debug log file at this location.
  • cvmfs_max_ttl Max ttl, see params.pp for default.
  • cvmfs_version Version of cvmfs to install , default is present.
  • cvmfs_yum Yum repository URL for cvmfs.
  • cvmfs_yum_priority Yum priority of repositories, defaults to 80.
  • cvmfs_yum_proxy http proxy for cvmfs yum package repository
  • cvmfs_yum_config Yum repository URL for cvmfs site configs.
  • cvmfs_yum_config_enabled Defaults to false, set to true to enable.
  • cvmfs_yum_testing Yum repository URL for cmvfs testing repository.
  • cvmfs_yum_testing_enabled Defaults to false, should the testing repository be enabled.
  • cvmfs_yum_testsing_enabled TO DOC
  • cvmfs_yum_gpgcheck Defaults to true, set to false to disable GPG checking (Do Not Do This)
  • cvmfs_yum_gpgkey Set a custom GPG key for yum repos, you must deploy it yourself.
  • cvmfs_yum_manage_repo Defaults to true, set to false to disable yum repositories management.
  • cvmfs_use_geoapi TO DOC
  • cvmfs_repositories By default undef and CVMFS_REPOSITORIES in default.local will be populated automatically from what is explicitly mounted with cvmfs::mount. If this is specified thenCVMFS_REPOSITORIES list in default.local will be exactly managed with this variable. e.g,
  • cvmfs_hash Rather than using cvmfs::mount defined type a hash of mounts can be sepecfied. cvmfs_hash {'myrepo' => {'cvmfs_server_url' => '}
  • cvmfs_env_variables $cvmfs_env_variables = {'CMS_LOCAL_SITE' => '' will produce export CMS_LOCAL_SITE=<path to siteconf> in the default.local file.

Puppet databindings allows all the above settings to be set via hiera. In this case it is not nescesary to include class{'cvmfs':}.

cvmfs::cvmfs_quota_limit: 100
cvmfs::cvmfs_nfiles: 20000

Cvmfs::Mount Type

To mount individual repositories optionally with a particular configuration on each repository. e.g

  cvmfs_timeout => 50 
  cvmfs_timeout    => 100,
  cvmfs_server_url => '' 

Cvmfs::Mount Type Parameters

  • namevar The namevar is the repository name, e.g
  • cvmfs_repo_list A boolean defaults to true. Should this repository be included in the list of repositories listed as CVMFS_REPOSITORIES with /etc/cvmfs/default.local. This is ignored if cvmfs_repositories is set on the main class.
  • cvmfs_follow_redirects Sets CVMFS_FOLLOW_REDIRECTS to its value, by default unset.
  • mount_options If the mount_method is mount then this specifies the mount options. By default: nodev,_netdev,defaults.
  • cvmfs_memcache_size Size of the CernVM-FS meta-data memory cache in Megabyte.
  • cvmfs_repository_tag Specify a tag , sets CVMFS_REPOSITORY_TAG
  • TBC

In addition to creating mounts as above the create_resources('cvmfs::mount',{}) function is called allowing the mounts to be specified in a hiera yaml file:

    cvmfs_quota_limit: 10000

which will enable these three mount points with the specified options.

Cvmfs::Domain Type

A cvmfs domain file can be created with the cvmfs::domain type

     cvmfs_server_url => ';',
     cvmfs_public_key => '/etc/cvmfs/keys/,/etc/cvmfs/keys/'

Cvmfs::Domain Type Parameters

  • namevar The namevar is the domain name, e.g
  • cvmfs_follow_redirects Sets CVMFS_FOLLOW_REDIRECTS to its value, by default unset.
  • TBC

Fsck Module

An optional class 'cvmfs::fsck' can be included to enable a cron job to regualarly run fsck on cvmfs systems.

   options => '-p',
   onreboot => true

In addition a cron will be created to purge quarentine corrupted files after 30 days.

Fsck Options

  • options Will pass parameters to the cvmfs_fsck command, by default none will be passed.
  • onreboot If set to true a @reboot job will be set to run cvmfs_fsck at boot time. Default is false.

Stratum 0 Configuration

There are currently two options to configure a stratum 0. The class method only supports one stratum one and will at some point be deprecated.

Stratum 0 Configuration as a Class

 repo   => '',
 pubkey => ''

See the docs in cvmfs::server for explanation of parameters.

Stratum 0 Configuration as a Defined Type

A new method where each stratum 0 can be configured as an instance. The advantage here is that multiple stratum zeros can be configured per server. The previous class method will be deprecated at some future point.

   repo_store => '/mybigdisk',
   spool_store => '/var/spool/cvmfs',
   user        => steve,
   uid         => 500

Stratum 0 Parameters

  • clientuesr If set will specify the user running the cvmfs_client on the server. Optinal.
  • claim_ownership. By default false if true it enables the CVMFS_CLAIM_OWNERSHIP option the server's client instance.
  • group The group name that will manage the repository and own the files on the server.
  • home The home directory of the user account that owns the cvmfs repositories. The default value is repo_store/repo/user.
  • gid The gid fo the group, it defaults to the be same as the uid, defaults to the user setting.
  • repo the fully qualified repository name. Defaults the *name* value of the instance. e.g`.
  • repo_store large disk location where the cvmfs repositories are stored. Defaults to /srv/cvmfs.
  • nofiles The nofiles the user is permitted to open. Defaults to 65000
  • spool_store location of files internal to a cvmfs server.
  • uid The uid of the user
  • user The user name that will manage the repository and own the files on the server.
  • auto_tag Boolean to set CVMFS_AUTO_TAG, defaults to false.
  • garbage_collection to set CVMFS_GARBAGE_COLLECTION defaults to false.
  • auto_gc to set CVMFS_AUTO_GC defaults to false.
  • auto_gc_timespan to set CVMFS_AUTO_GC_TIMESPAN defaults to 3 days ago.
  • ignore_xdir_hardlinks boolean to set to CVMFS_IGNORE_XDIR_HARDLINKS defaults to false.

Stratum 0 Examples

A common case is to mount a device or nfs storage volume to use as the repo store. In this case the mount should happen before cvmfs::zero populates the area. For example two repositories stoed on two block device /dev/vdb and /dev/vdc.

  ensure  => mounted,
  device  => '/dev/vdb',
  options => 'rw,noatime,nodiratime,nobarrier,user_xattr'
  require => File['/srv/cvmfs/'],
  before  => File['/srv/cvmfs/']
  ensure  => mounted,
  device  => '/dev/vdc',
  options => 'rw,noatime,nodiratime,nobarrier,user_xattr'
  require => File['/srv/cvmfs/'],
  before  => File['/srv/cvmfs/']

   user => 'steve',
   uid  => 200,
   user => 'andrew',
   uid  => 201,

Migrating Stratum 0 Class to Stratum 0 Type

The class based stratum 0 will be deprecated at some point. The differences are:

  1. The new type no longer attempts to manage a symbolic link to a master key. If desired this should be done by the addition of symbolic link outside of cvmfs::zero.
  2. The new type no longer supports mounting e.g nfs volumes. This myst be done externally as per the example above.


 repo   => '',
 pubkey => '',
 user   => 'shared',
 uid    => 101


   user => shared,
   uid  => 101
   ensure  => link,
   target  => '/etc/cvmfs/keys/',
   require => Package['cvmfs']

Stratum One Configuration

A stratum one can be configured for multiple repositories with a

  origin => '',
  keys   => ['/etc/cvmfs/keys/','/etc/cvmfs/keys/'],
  mime_expire => 61,

See cvmfs::one.pp for more details of parameters.


To run standalone tests

bundle install
bundle exec rake validate
bundle exec rake lint
bundle exec rake spec

The acceptance tests by default use docker ensure that is working or provide beaker configuration for your own hypervisor.

bundle install
BEAKER_debug=yes BEAKER_set=centos-7-x86_64-docker bundle exec rspec spec/acceptance


Apache II License for all files except automaster.aug which is copied from the project. The automaster.aug file is LGPL v2+.


Steve Traylen