Puppet configuration for Airbnbs system for service discovery. Configures a dynamic HAproxy based on zookeeper entries

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released Sep 7th 2016

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KyleAnderson/synapse — version 0.0.6 Sep 7th 2016

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This puppet module configures Synapse, a service discovery system by Airbnb. Synapse configures a local HAproxy running on every node, configured dynamically from Zookeeper entries.


puppet module install KyleAnderson/synapse
# Or librarian-puppet, r10k, whatever.

What this module affects

  • /etc/synapse/ for configs
  • Installs synapse (either via gem or system package
  • Installs and configures HAproxy

HAproxy considerations

This module is incompatible with an existing instance of HAProxy running. Synapse overwrites the HAProxy config file.

Usage Examples

Start off by getting synapse installed and running:

class { 'synapse':
  package_provider => 'gem'

Now you can prep synapse for listening for services. Syntax is a little tricky, but follows the syntax in example configs. All parameters are validated, so puppet won't let you insert invalid syntax:

synapse::service { 'service1':
  ensure => 'present',
  default_servers => [
      "name" => "default1",
      "host" => "localhost",
      "port" => 8422
  discovery => {
    "method" => "zookeeper",
    "path"   => "/airbnb/service/service2",
    "hosts"  =>  [
  haproxy => {
    "port"           => '3214',
    "server_options" => "check inter 2s rise 3 fall 2",
    "listen"         => [
      "mode http",
      "option httpchk /health",


I assume that you are using a modern version of ruby on the puppetmaster. It outputs json, so either use ruby 1.9 with built in JSON or have the JSON gem available. Pull requests welcome for a better way to do this.

##Development Open an issue or fork and open a Pull Request