Create simple facts within receipts.
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released Jul 3rd 2019

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Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. Module Description - What the module does and why it is useful
  3. Setup - The basics of getting started with fact
  4. Usage - Configuration options and additional functionality
  5. Reference - An under-the-hood peek at what the module is doing and how
  6. Limitations - OS compatibility, etc.
  7. Development - Guide for contributing to the module
  8. License


Create simple facts within receipts.

Module Description

This module provides a new type called fact. With this type simple key = value facts can be created on the fly without any knowledge about custom facts.


Installing the module is sufficient. There is no need to include the module.


To create a custom fact use the fact type as follows:

fact { "factname": value => "factvalue" }


This module only depends on stdlib.


Whether the fact is to be present or not. Possible values are:

  • present will create the fact file.
  • absent will make sure the fact file doesn't exist.

Defaults to present.


The name of the fact. This has to be a character, number or underscore. Defaults to the title.


The value of the fact. No default set.


Should be working with all linux, bds and mac distributions that come with an /etc directory.


  1. Fork it
  2. Change it
  3. Merge it

...or feel free to contact me for suggestions. You may also use the issues section for suggestions or bugs.


Please see the LICENSE file.