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Module for installing and configure libreoffice on Windows

Cesar Sturion



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  • 0.1.1 (latest)
released Dec 7th 2014

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cesars/libreoffice — version 0.1.1 Dec 7th 2014

Libreoffice Puppet Module

Puppet Module to install LibreOffice on Ubuntu OS

GitHub project LibreOffice

This module is also available on the Puppet Forge


With this new module version is possible to install LibreOffice on Linux Mint!. Now we have the Option to remove the module, with the ::uninstall class! If for some reason you need to remove the module, just modify the include libreoffice to include libreoffice::uninstall


To install LibreOffice:

  node agent.puppet {
    include libreoffice

To UNinstall LibreOffice:

  node agent.puppet {
    include libreoffice::uninstall

This module installs and configures the libreoffice repository and its suite packages, as well the selected language on the libreoffice::params class. If you didn't chose the language on the params.pp manifest, it will install the en-us language by default, unless the timezone is BRST, (GTM) the language will be pt-br.

Homologated distributions

This module has been tested with the following releases of Ubuntu...

Release                Version          Repository         Observations
Ubuntu 12.04 precise   => 4.2.0         ppa repository
Ubuntu 12.10 quantal   => 4.0.0         libreoffice-4-0    3.6.2 from ppa repository
Ubuntu 13.04 raring    => 4.1.4         ppa repository 
Ubuntu 13.10 saucy     => 4.2.0         ppa repository
Ubuntu 14.04 trusty    => 4.2.0         ppa repository
Lubuntu 13.04 raring   => 4.1.4         ppa repository
Lubuntu 13.10 saucy    => 4.2.0         ppa repository
Xubuntu 13.04 raring   => 4.1.4         ppa repository
Xubuntu 13.10 saucy    => 4.2.0         ppa repository
Linux Mint 13 Maya     => 4.2.0         ppa repository     * New!

...and any distributions based on these releases.

The default repository source is ( but unfortunately not all the repositories of the distributions are updated.


If you have installed the libreoffice's packages manually with .DEB files, you MUST remove them before applying this module.

Copyright and License

Puppet Module cristaldo/libreoffice is a module to install and configure LibreOffice's repositories and packages. Copyright (C) 2014 Rafael Cristaldo