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released Jul 15th 2015
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  • CumulusLinux
This module has been deprecated by its author since May 15th 2020.

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cumuluslinux/cumulus_license — version 1.1.0 Jul 15th 2015


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This module installs a Cumulus Linux license.

Module Description

Installs a Cumulus Linux license file on a Cumulus Linux switch.

If a license is already installed, the module will not attempt to overwrite the existing license. You can overwrite the license with the force parameter. Using the force parameter will remove the idempotent behaviour of the module, so use force mode with caution.

When installing a license on a switch, use a non-EULA license. To confirm if you have a non-EULA license, run cl-license -i <license path> and confirm that it does not prompt you for a EULA.

Version 1.0.x of the module will work with 2.5.2 and lower. Version 1.1.x and higher will work with 2.5.3 and higher

For more details, read the Cumulus Linux User Guide and search for "License". Also review the Cumulus Linux Licensing Knowledge Base


What cumulus_license affects

This module uses the Cumulus Linux cl-license command to manage the license.

To activate a license for the first time, the switchd service must be restarted.

NOTE: Restarting the switchd daemon is disruptive.


Install a license file if one is not already installed:

node default {
   cumulus_license { 'example':
         src => '',
      notify => Service['switchd']




src: This is the URL to the license file location. It can be a local path like /root/new.lic or a http or https URL.

force: Installs the license even though one exists on the switch.


This module only works on Cumulus Linux.

This module does not overwrite an existing license. Use the force keyword to perform a license renewal.

puppet resource cumulus_license doesn't work. This feature will be implemented in a later version.


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