This module is used to deploy Veritas InfoScale products using Puppet.

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deployment/veritas_infoscale — version 1.0.1 Jan 15th 2017

Veritas InfoScale

Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. Module Description
  3. Setup
  4. Usage
  5. Reference
  6. Limitations


The InfoScale Puppet Deployment Module is to support installation, configuration, Upgrade and Uninstall for Veritas InfoScale products.

Module Description

This module is to support the following function for Veritas InfoScale products:

  1. Install, configure, Upgrade and Uninstall the following Veritas InfoScale products:
    • Enterprise
    • Storage
    • Availability
    • Foundation
  2. Support Puppet facter to discover the InfoScale product objects on the systems, like:
    • Veritas licenses
    • VxVM disks,disk groups,volumes
    • VxFS file systems
    • VCS resources and service groups.


Install Puppet from PuppetLabs

Follow the following documents to install Puppet server from PuppetLabs repository:

Install puppet modules for Veritas InfoScale product

  1. Download the Veritas InfoScale puppet deployment module
  2. Run the following commands to copy this module to Puppet directory:
    # cp -r veritas_infoscale /etc/puppetlabs/code/environments/production/modules


Deploy Veritas InfoScale product from Puppet server to managed hosts

  1. cd /etc/puppetlabs/code/environments/production/manifests/

  2. Create one site.pp following the examples under veritas_infoscale/examples/

  3. Wait about half an hour, the client systems will automatically deploy InfoScale Enterprise with the puppet manifest file.

Or run the following command on client systems directly to immediately deploy InfoScale Enterprise:

    # puppet agent -t

Discover Veritas InfoScale product objects

  1. Run the following command to discover all system facters including Veritas InfoScale objects:
    # puppet facts
  1. Run the following command to discover Veritas InfoScale objects respectively:

For example:

To check Veritas Licenses

    # facter -p veritas_licenses

To check Veritas VxVM disks, disk groups, volumes

    # facter -p veritas_vxvm_disks
    # facter -p veritas_vxvm_diskgroups

To check Veritas VxFS file sytems, mounts

    # facter -p veritas_vxfs_filesystems

To check Veritas VCS resources and service groups

    # facter -p veritas_vcs_cluster

To check Veritas CFS cluster status

    # facter -p veritas_cfs_cluster


This infoscale module support the following native Puppet facts:

* veritas_licenses
* veritas_vxvm_disks
* veritas_vxvm_diskgroups
* veritas_vxfs_filesystems
* veritas_vcs_cluster
* veritas_cfs_cluster


Currently, puppet resource types and providers to manipulate service groups, volumes, licenses are not supported.