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Version information

  • 0.0.1 (latest)
released Jan 19th 2014

Start using this module

  • r10k or Code Manager
  • Bolt
  • Manual installation
  • Direct download

Add this module to your Puppetfile:

mod 'evenup-kermitrest', '0.0.1'
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Add this module to your Bolt project:

bolt module add evenup-kermitrest
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Manually install this module globally with Puppet module tool:

puppet module install evenup-kermitrest --version 0.0.1

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evenup/kermitrest — version 0.0.1 Jan 19th 2014


Build Status

####Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. Setup
  3. Operating Systems Support
  4. TODO
  5. Development


This is a puppet module to install's MCO REST server


###Resources managed by kermitrest module

  • This module installs the kermit-restmco package
  • Controls the kermit-restmco service
  • Manages the kermit-restmco.cfg file

###Setup Requirements

  • PuppetLabs stdlib module
  • Puppet version >= 2.7.x
  • Facter version >= 1.6.2
  • MCollective

###Beginning with module kermitrest

To install the package provided by the module just include it:

    include kermitrest

The main class arguments can be provided either via Hiera (from Puppet 3.x) or direct parameters:

    class { 'kermitrest':
      parameter => value,

##Operating Systems Support

This is tested on these OS:

  • CentOS 6


[] Add apache/passenger support


Pull requests (PR) and bug reports via GitHub are welcomed.

When submitting PR please follow these quidelines:

  • Provide puppet-lint compliant code
  • If possible provide rspec tests
  • Follow the module style and stdmod naming standards

When submitting bug report please include or link:

  • The Puppet code that triggers the error
  • The output of facter on the system where you try it
  • All the relevant error logs
  • Any other information useful to undestand the context