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released Jan 12th 2014

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fadenb/mediatum — version 0.3.2 Jan 12th 2014



The mediatum module installs, configures and manages the mediatum service. It is capable of managing private mediatum extensions if they are available as package.


class { '::mediatum': }

This will install mediatum, create a basic (not suitable for production use) configuration and start mediatum via the initscript.

The mediatum class does not accept parameters. Change settings in params.pp (not recommended) or override defaults with hiera (recommended).

Install & configure mediatum modules

To install a mediatum-module (e.g. surfID):

  • inform mediatum module which additional packages have to be installed
  • pass the module a list of Augeas changes to be executed onto the mediatum configuration file

Example YAML for surfID module

# place keys here
# e.g. mediatum::package::package_state: present
  - mediatum-surfid
  - set services/activate true
  - set surfid/fingerprint_srvc_hostname

Load fixtures

If you want to automatically load data into the MySQL DB and place files into mediatums data directory set source for sql commands and file archive (.tgz):

mediatum::fixtures::fixtures_sql_commands: file:///vagrant/mediatum.sql
mediatum::fixtures::fixtures_file_archive: file:///vagrant/mediatum_fixtures.tgz
  • Contents of the .sql file are any commands you can feed into mysql client.
  • Contents of the .tgz should be all additional files you want to place in the data directory

Warning: There is currentlys no check if the fixture loading actions are destructive!