Installs and configures elastizabbix - agent and template for monitoring ElasticSearch cluster in Zabbix.

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  • 0.1.2 (latest)
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  • 0.1.0
released Sep 1st 2017
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  • Ubuntu

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fatdragon/elastizabbix — version 0.1.2 Sep 1st 2017


The module installs and configures elastizabbix monitoring agent and template used for monitoring ElasticSearch cluster in Zabbix.

The template is pretty simple, yet some additional info can be found at Puppet, Zabbix and ElasticSearch - elastizabbix Module.

Server Side

The only thing the module does at the server side (at Zabbix server), is installing "Template App ElasticSearch" Zabbix template.

Server Side Requirements

The module requires 'zabbix' class at the server side. See puppet/zabbix module at puppet forge.

elastizabbix Server Side Example

class { 'elastizabbix::server': }

Note: The class will automatically install the template only if you're using puppet/zabbix module with manage_resources set to true. For details check Puppet, Zabbix and ElasticSearch - elastizabbix Module.

Client Side

At the client side (monitored ElasticSearch node) the module installs elastizabbix script and configuration file.

NOTE: elastizabbix client should be installed on only one node from ElastacSearch cluster, not on all of them.

Client Side Requirements

The module requires 'zabbix-agent' class at the client side (puppet/zabbix module).

elastizabbix Client Side Example

class { 'elastizabbix': }


Often you'll use both mentioned classes without specifying any parameter (the default values should work). Nevertheless you should check mentioned page for list of available parameters with descriptions.


This module is published under Apache 2.0 license, but the original elastizabbix project is published under MIT License. Anyway you are pretty much free to use both in a way you want.

Release History


Date: September 1. 2017

Release Info:

  • Code cosmetics (thanks to puppet-lint).


Date: Jun 10. 2016

Release Info:

  • fd_patch parameter is removed since the original project is changed to include the patch. Nothing important has been changed, so no upgrade is needed.


Date: Jun 9. 2016

Release Info:

  • Initial release.