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Gary Larizza

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released Jul 3rd 2019

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glarizza/osx_management — version 0.2.1 Jul 3rd 2019


This is a module with example manifests for managing OS X Machines. We've compiled a list of the manifests we use for demoing Puppet and MCollective with OS X


Apache 2.0


Chris Barker cbarker@puppetlabs.com Gary Larizza gary@puppetlabs.com



Creates a user that will eventually be an Admin. The manifest DOES NOT add them to the admin or staff group, just creates a user.


Essentially, the same thing as add_admin_user - creates a local user.


Demonstrates ensuring a package with the appdmg provider...in this case, Firefox


Uses the http://forge.puppetlabs.com/mosen/cups module to create printers on a machine.


These classes demonstrate using the macauthorization built-in Puppet type to set values in /etc/authorization


This class installs the MCollective Package (must provide this, or the URL to this) and sets up server.cfg. It will also drop an /etc/mcollective/facts.yaml file based on variables in scope (which can be commented out if need be).


This class drops in a couple of extra plugins that we created for Mactech and Macsysadmin (munki and printer agents). You must get those agents from https://github.com/glarizza/Custom-Agents and put them in the files/plugins/agent directory


This class will install the munkitools package from munki.googlecode.com and set plist values in /Library/Preferences/ManagedInstalls.plist using the glarizza-property_list_key module from the Puppet Forge (http://forge.puppetlabs.com/glarizza/property_list_key)


This class will clone a previously-created Munki repository to /opt/munki. We use our internal Puppet Labs repo, so ensure that you change the source parameter and replace it with your VCS repository URL

Facter Fact - munki_version

This facter fact will execute '/usr/local/munki/managedsoftwareupdate --version' and return the version to Facter.