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  • 0.3.0 (latest)
  • 0.2.0
  • 0.1.2
  • 0.1.1
  • 0.1.0
released Aug 8th 2017
This version is compatible with:
  • RedHat|CentOS

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kiran/sftpd — version 0.3.0 Aug 8th 2017


Module is going to install openssh and openssh-client application and configure itself for sftpd server

#Installing SSH server and start the service for you.


  class { 'sftpd': }

Options for copy the configuration file of "SSH" service.

  1. By default its using template for ssh configuration "${path}/templates/sshd_config.erb" .
  2. "${path}/files/sshd_config" file copy to remote host "${path}/files/sshd_config" .

If you want to use "${path}/files/sshd_config" file instead of template , change as follows #change "copy_config" into "yes" and "template_config" into "no". Use:

    sftpd::config { 'sshd_config':
        copy_config             => yes,
        template_config         => no,

#If the selinux disabled on agent . #If it "yes", It may take little bit time to set the boolean paramater for selinux.

sftpd::config { 'sshd_config':
            selenable   =>  no,

#Usage in manifest file to create Groups and Users . #To create Groups .

 sftpd::groups { 'sftpgroup1':
  groupname    => sftpgroup,
  ensure          => present,

#To create Users .

 sftpd::users { 'sftpuser1':
      user            => test,
      ensure          => present,
      usergroups      => ['sftpgroup'],
      password        => '$1$ju6myyQV$P.UOTsdfadskflfdsafasdkdsfja/',   #pass the hash
      managehome      => true,
      upload_dir      => market,                                #share directory EX: upload

NOTE: To generate the password hash you can use the following command on your linux platforms #openssl passwd -1 ; prompt for password

#It's support hiera also , so you can pass values thorugh hiera. #using hiera for user,share directory and groups creation.

#To create a group.

      groupname: sftpgroup
      ensure: present

#To create user and upload directory .

     ensure: present
     user: test1
       - sftpgroup
     password: '$1$ju6myyQV$P.UOTwLX0adfadsfasUK5Jan/'
     managehome: true       
     upload_dir: market

#Deleting the Users and Group from hiera . #Delete The Group .

       ensure: absent
       groupname: sftpgroup

#Delete The User .

    ensure: absent