Puppet module for multi-tenant Mediawiki installation.

Martin Dluhos



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released Sep 7th 2012

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martasd/mediawiki — version 0.3.0 Sep 7th 2012

Mediawiki module for Puppet


This module deploys and manages multiple mediawiki instances using a single mediawiki installation. This module has been designed and tested for CentOS 6, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, Debian Squeeze, Debian Wheezy, and Ubuntu Precise.


First, install the mediawiki package which will be used by all wiki instances:

class { 'mediawiki':
  server_name      => '',
  admin_email      => '',
  db_root_password => 'really_really_long_password',
  doc_root         => '/var/www/wikis'
  max_memory       => '1024'

Next, create an individual wiki instance:

mediawiki::instance { 'my_wiki1':
  db_password => 'super_long_password',
  db_name     => 'wiki1',
  db_user     => 'wiki1_user',
  port        => '80',
  ensure      => 'present'

Using this module, one can create multiple independent wiki instances. To create another wiki instance, add the following puppet code:

mediawiki::instance { 'my_wiki2':
  db_password => 'another_super_long_password',
  db_name     => 'another_wiki',
  db_user     => 'another_wiki_user'
  port        => '80',
  ensure      => 'present'


Since puppet cannot ensure that all parent directories exist you need to manage these yourself. Therefore, make sure that all parent directories of doc_root directory, an attribute of mediawiki class, exist.

Notes On Testing

Puppet module tests reside in the spec directory. To run tests, execute rake spec anywhere in the module's directory. More information about module testing can be found here:

The Next Generation of Puppet Module Testing


This module is based on puppet-mediawiki by carlasouza available at Others who contributed to this module include James Turnbull, Zach Leslie, Nan Liu, and Branan Purvine-Riley.