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released Mar 13th 2014

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saw/reviewboard — version 1.0.1 Mar 13th 2014

Puppet Reviewboard

Manage an install of Reviewboard

To install include the package 'reviewboard' in your manifest

Optionally you can install the RBtool package for submitting reviews by including 'reviewboard::rbtool'


Puppet module pre-requisites are managed using librarian-puppet

Additionally the following optional prerequisites may be installed:

  • memcached & python-memcached for website caching
  • python bindings for your database (if not installed by the dbprovider)


Create a reviewboard site based at '/var/www/reviewboard', available at ${::fqdn}/reviewboard:

reviewboard::site {'/var/www/reviewboard':
    vhost    => "${::fqdn}",
    location => '/reviewboard'

You can change how the sites are configured with the 'provider' arguments to the reviewboard class.


  • puppetlabs/apache: Use puppetlabs/apache to create an Apache vhost
  • simple: Copy the apache config file generated by reviewboard & set up a basic Apache server
  • none: No web provisioning is done


  • puppetlabs/postgresql: Use the puppetlabs/postgresql module to create database tables & install bindings
  • none: No DB provisioning is done (note a database is required for the install to work)

The default settings are

class reviewboard {
    webprovider => 'puppetlabs/apache',
    dbprovider  => 'puppetlabs/postgresql'

To use a custom web provider set the 'webuser' parameter & subscribe the web service to reviewboard::provider::web<||>:

class reviewboard {
    webprovider => 'none',
    webuser     => 'apache',
Reviewboard::Provider::Web<||> ~> Service['apache']

You will then need to manually configure your web server, Reviewboard generates an example Apache config file in ${site}/conf/apache-wsgi.conf.

Other Features

  • RBTool: Reviewboard command-line interface. To install:

     include reviewboard::rbtool
  • Trac integration: The traclink Reviewboard plugin posts a notice on a Trac ticket whenever the 'Bug' field is set in a review. To install:

     package {trac: } # Make sure Trac is installed via Puppet
     include reviewboard::traclink

    There is also some setup required in your site's trac.ini:

     reviews = text
     reviews.format = wiki
     review = //reviewboard/r/


Integration tests make use of serverspec to check the module is applied properly on a Vagrant VM.

To setup tests

$ gem install bundler
$ bundle install --path vendor/bundle

then to run the tests

$ bundle exec rake

Use vagrant destroy to stop the test VM.