Puppet module to wrap some defined resource types that doesn't appear on Puppet's ENC Foreman

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Version information

  • 0.21.2 (latest)
  • 0.21.1
  • 0.21.0
  • 0.20.0
  • 0.19.0
  • 0.18.0
  • 0.17.0
  • 0.16.1
  • 0.16.0
  • 0.15.0
  • 0.14.0
  • 0.13.1
  • 0.13.0
  • 0.12.0
released Jun 23rd 2018
This version is compatible with:
  • Puppet Enterprise 2018.1.x, 2017.3.x, 2017.2.x, 2017.1.x, 2016.5.x, 2016.4.x
  • Puppet >= 2.7.20 < 6.0.0
  • RedHat

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Tags: foreman, enc


soli/wrappers — version 0.21.2 Jun 23rd 2018


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Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. Reference - An under-the-hood peek at what the module is doing and how
  3. Limitations - OS compatibility, etc.
  4. Development - Guide for contributing to the module
  5. Contributors


Puppet module to wrap some defined resource types that doesn't appear on Puppet's ENC Foreman.



Public Classes

  • wrappers::exec: Wrapper for ::exec
  • wrappers::file: Wrapper for ::file
  • wrappers::file_line: Wrapper for ::file_line
  • wrappers::package: Wrapper for ::package
Wrappers for torrancew-account
  • wrappers::account: Wrapper for ::account
Wrappers for puppetlabs-accounts
  • wrappers::accounts::user: Wrapper for ::accounts:user
Wrappers for puppetlabs-apache
  • wrappers::apache::listen: Wrapper for ::apache::listen
  • wrappers::apache::vhost: Wrapper for ::apache::vhost
Wrappers for puppetlabs-apt
  • wrappers::apt::source: Wrapper for ::apt::source
  • wrappers::apt::pin: Wrapper for ::apt::pin
Wrappers for puppet-archive
  • wrappers::archive: Wrapper for ::archive
  • wrappers::archive::nexus: Wrapper for ::archive::nexus
Wrappers for soli-backupninja
  • wrappers::backupninja::config: Wrapper for ::backupninja::config
  • wrappers::backupninja::mysql: Wrapper for ::backupninja::mysql
  • wrappers::backupninja::pgsql: Wrapper for ::backupninja::pgsql
  • wrappers::backupninja::rdiff: Wrapper for ::backupninja::rdiff
Wrappers for puppetlabs-concat
  • wrappers::concat: Wrapper for ::concat
  • wrappers::concat::fragment: Wrapper for ::concat::fragment
Wrappers for elasticsearch-elasticsearch
  • wrappers::elasticsearch::instance: Wrapper for ::elasticsearch::instance
Wrappers for puppetlabs-firewall
  • wrappers::firewall: Wrapper for ::firewall
Wrappers for puppetlabs-haproxy
  • wrappers::haproxy::backend: Wrapper for ::haproxy::backend
  • wrappers::haproxy::frontend: Wrapper for ::haproxy::frontend
Wrappers for soli-cas
  • wrappers::cas::service: Wrapper for ::cas::service
Wrappers for puppetlabs-java_ks
  • wrappers::java_ks: Wrapper for ::java_ks
Wrappers for rtyler-jenkins
  • wrappers::jenkins::cli::exec: Wrapper for ::jenkins::cli::exec
  • wrappers::jenkins::credential: Wrapper for ::jenkins::credential
  • wrappers::jenkins::job: Wrapper for ::jenkins::job
  • wrappers::jenkins::plugin: Wrapper for ::jenkins::plugin
  • wrappers::jenkins::user: Wrapper for ::jenkins::user
Wrappers for puppetlabs-mysql
  • wrappers::mysql::db: Wrapper for ::mysql::db
Wrappers for puppetlabs-postgresql
  • wrappers::postgresql::server::db: Wrapper for ::postgresql::server::db
  • wrappers::postgresql::server::role: Wrapper for ::postgresql::server::role
Wrappers for camptocamp-openssl
  • wrappers::openssl::certificate::x509: Wrapper for ::openssl::certificate::x509
  • wrappers::openssl::export::pkcs12: Wrapper for ::openssl::export::pkcs12
Wrappers for camptocamp-postfix
  • wrappers::postfix::config: Wrapper for ::postfix::config
  • wrappers::postfix::hash: Wrapper for ::postfix::hash
Wrappers for stankevich-python
  • wrappers::python::gunicorn: Wrapper for ::python::gunicorn
  • wrappers::python::pip: Wrapper for ::python::pip
  • wrappers::python::pyvenv: Wrapper for ::python::pyvenv
  • wrappers::python::requirements: Wrapper for ::python::requirements
  • wrappers::python::virtualenv: Wrapper for ::python::virtualenv
Wrappers for johanek-redmine
  • wrappers::redmine::plugin: Wrapper for ::redmine::plugin
Wrappers for maestrodev-sonarqube
  • wrappers::sonarqube::plugin: Wrapper for ::sonarqube::plugin
Wrappers for razorsedge-snmp
  • wrappers::snmp::snmpv3_user: Wrapper for ::snmp::snmpv3_user
Wrappers for maestrodev-ssh_keygen
  • wrappers::ssh_keygen: Wrapper for ::ssh_keygen
Wrappers for example42-sudo
  • wrappers::sudo::directive: Wrapper for ::sudo::directive
Wrappers for nvpuppet-systemenv
  • wrappers::systemenv::var: Wrapper for ::systemenv::var
Wrappers for puppetlabs-tomcat
  • wrappers::tomcat::config::context::manager: Wrapper for ::tomcat::config::context::manager
  • wrappers::tomcat::config::context::resource: Wrapper for ::tomcat::config::context::resource
  • wrappers::tomcat::config::server::tomcat_users: Wrapper for ::tomcat::config::server::tomcat_users
  • wrappers::tomcat::instance: Wrapper for ::tomcat::instance
  • wrappers::tomcat::install: Wrapper for ::tomcat::install
  • wrappers::tomcat::service: Wrapper for ::tomcat::service
  • wrappers::tomcat::war: Wrapper for ::tomcat::war
Wrappers for puppetlabs-vcsrepo
  • wrappers::vcsrepo: Wrapper for ::vcsrepo
Wrappers for maestrodev-wget
  • wrappers::wget::fetch: Wrapper for ::wget::fetch
Wrappers for echoes-nexus-artifact
  • wrappers::nexus_artifact::artifact: Wrapper for ::nexus_artifact::artifact


RedHat and Debian family OSes are officially supported. Tested and built on Debian and CentOS.


Solution Libre modules on the Puppet Forge are open projects, and community contributions are essential for keeping them great.

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The list of contributors can be found at: https://github.com/solution-libre/puppet-wrappers/graphs/contributors