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Version information

  • 5.2.0 (latest)
  • 5.1.0
  • 5.0.0
released Oct 2nd 2015
This version is compatible with:
  • Puppet Enterprise 3.x
  • Puppet 3.x
  • , , ,

Start using this module

  • r10k or Code Manager
  • Bolt
  • Manual installation
  • Direct download

Add this module to your Puppetfile:

mod 'stackforge-neutron', '5.2.0'
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Add this module to your Bolt project:

bolt module add stackforge-neutron
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Manually install this module globally with Puppet module tool:

puppet module install stackforge-neutron --version 5.2.0

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stackforge/neutron — version 5.2.0 Oct 2nd 2015


5.2.0 - 2014.2 - Juno

Table of Contents

  1. Overview - What is the neutron module?
  2. Module Description - What does the module do?
  3. Setup - Tha basics of getting started with neutron.
  4. Implementation - An under-the-hood peek at what the module is doing.
  5. Limitations - OS compatibility, etc.
  6. Development - Guide for contributing to the module
  7. Contributors - Those with commits
  8. Release Notes - Notes on the most recent updates to the module


The neutron module is a part of Stackforge, an effort by the Openstack infrastructure team to provide continuous integration testing and code review for Openstack and Openstack community projects not part of the core software. The module itself is used to flexibly configure and manage the newtork service for Openstack.

Module Description

The neutron module is an attempt to make Puppet capable of managing the entirety of neutron. This includes manifests to provision such things as keystone endpoints, RPC configurations specific to neutron, database connections, and network driver plugins. Types are shipped as part of the neutron module to assist in manipulation of the Openstack configuration files.

This module is tested in combination with other modules needed to build and leverage an entire Openstack installation. These modules can be found, all pulled together in the openstack module.


What the neutron module affects:

  • Neutron, the network service for Openstack.

Installing neutron

puppet module install puppetlabs/neutron

Beginning with neutron

To utilize the neutron module's functionality you will need to declare multiple resources. The following is a modified excerpt from the openstack module. It provides an example of setting up an Open vSwitch neutron installation. This is not an exhaustive list of all the components needed. We recommend that you consult and understand the openstack module and the core openstack documentation to assist you in understanding the available deployment options.

# enable the neutron service
class { '::neutron':
    enabled         => true,
    bind_host       => '',
    rabbit_host     => '',
    rabbit_user     => 'neutron',
    rabbit_password => 'rabbit_secret',
    verbose         => false,
    debug           => false,

# configure authentication
class { 'neutron::server':
    auth_host       => '', # the keystone host address
    auth_password   => 'keystone_neutron_secret',
    sql_connection  => 'mysql://neutron:neutron_sql_secret@',

# enable the Open VSwitch plugin server
class { 'neutron::plugins::ovs':
    tenant_network_type => 'gre',
    network_vlan_ranges => 'physnet:1000:2000',

Other neutron network drivers include:

  • dhcp,
  • metadata,
  • and l3.

Nova will also need to be configured to connect to the neutron service. Setting up the nova::network::neutron class sets the network_api_class parameter in nova to use neutron instead of nova-network.

class { 'nova::network::neutron':
  neutron_admin_password  => 'neutron_admin_secret',

The examples directory also provides a quick tutorial on how to use this module.



neutron is a combination of Puppet manifest and ruby code to deliver configuration and extra functionality through types and providers.


This module supports the following neutron plugins:

  • Open vSwitch
  • linuxbridge
  • cisco-neutron

The following platforms are supported:

  • Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise)
  • Debian (Wheezy)
  • RHEL 6
  • Fedora 18


The puppet-openstack modules follow the Openstack development model. Developer documentation for the entire puppet-openstack project is at:


The github contributor graph.

Release Notes


  • Add an ability to manage use_stderr parameter
  • Create file /etc/default/neutron-server
  • ml2: Fix typo with ml2_srvio/supported_pci_vendor_devs param
  • Opencontrail: Create neutron::plugins::opencontrail


  • Fix l3_ha enablement
  • spec: pin rspec-puppet to 1.0.1
  • Switch to TLSv1
  • Support SR-IOV mechanism driver in ML2
  • Implement better nova_admin_tenant_id_setter exists? method
  • OVS Agent with ML2: fix symlink on RH plateforms
  • Adding portdb and fastpath_flood to n1kv.conf
  • Make cisco plugin symlink coherent
  • Fix status messages checks for neutron provider
  • Make neutron_plugin_ml2 before db-sync
  • Pin puppetlabs-concat to 1.2.1 in fixtures
  • change default MySQL collate to utf8_general_ci
  • Fix neutron file_line dependency
  • Corrects "ip link set" command
  • Adding vxlan network type support for neutron ML2 plug-in
  • Raise puppet error, if nova-api unavailable
  • Do not run neutron-ovs-cleanup for each Puppet run
  • Unescape value in parse_allocation_pool
  • Fix neutron_network for --router:external setting
  • Add MidoNet plugin support
  • Allow l3_ha to be turned back off after it has been enabled
  • Update .gitreview file for project rename
  • Fix support for auth_uri setting in neutron provider
  • Reduce neutron API timeout to 10 seconds


  • Stable Juno release
  • Added neutron::policy to control policy.json
  • Added parameter allow_automatic_l3agent_failover to neutron::agents::l3
  • Added parameter metadata_memory_cache_ttl to neutron::agents::metadata
  • Added l3_ext as a provider_network_type property for neutron_network type
  • Changed user_group parameter in neutron::agents::lbaas to have different defaults depending on operating system
  • Changed openswan package to libreswan for RHEL 7 for vpnaas
  • Ensured neutron package was installed before nova_admin_tenant_id_setter is called
  • Added api_extensions_path parameter to neutron class
  • Added database tuning parameters
  • Changed management of file lines in /etc/default/neutron-server only for Ubuntu
  • Add parameters to enable DVR and HA support in neutron::agents::l3 for Juno
  • Fixed meaning of manage_service parameter in neutron::agents::ovs
  • Made keystone user creation optional when creating a service
  • Fixed the enable_dhcp property of neutron_subnet
  • Added the ability to override the keystone service name in neutron::keystone::auth
  • Fixed bug in parsing allocation pools in neutron_subnet type
  • Added relationship to refresh neutron-server when nova_admin_tenant_id_setter changes
  • Migrated the neutron::db::mysql class to use openstacklib::db::mysql and deprecated the mysql_module parameter
  • Fixed the relationship between the HA proxy package and the neutron-lbaas-agent package
  • Added kombu_reconnect_delay parameter to neutron class
  • Fixed plugin.ini error when cisco class is used
  • Fixed relationship between vs_pridge types and the neutron-plugin-ovs service
  • Added neutron::agents::n1kv_vem to deploy N1KV VEM
  • Added SSL support for nova_admin_tenant_id_setter
  • Fixed relationship between neutron-server package and neutron_plugin_ml2 types
  • Stopped puppet from trying to manage the ovs cleanup service
  • Deprecated the network_device_mtu parameter in neutron::agents::l3 and moved it to the neutron class
  • Added vpnaas_agent_package parameter to neutron::services::fwaas to install the vpnaas agent package


  • Added parameter to specify number of RPC workers to spawn
  • Added ability to manage Neutron ML2 plugin
  • Fixed ssl parameter requirements when using kombu and rabbit
  • Added ability to hide secret neutron configs from logs and fixed password leaking
  • Added neutron plugin config file specification in neutron-server config
  • Fixed installation of ML2 plugin on Ubuntu
  • Added support for Cisco ML2 Mech Driver
  • Fixed quotas parameters in neutron config
  • Added parameter to configure dhcp_agent_notification in neutron config
  • Added class for linuxbridge support
  • Fixed neutron-server restart
  • Undeprecated enable_security_group parameter


  • Added ml2/ovs support.
  • Added multi-region support.
  • Set default metadata backlog to 4096.
  • Fixed neutron-server refresh bug.


  • Added parameter to set veth MTU.
  • Added RabbitMQ SSL support.
  • Added support for '' as a valid value for gateway_ip.
  • Fixed potential OVS resource duplication.
  • Pinned major gems.


  • Stable Icehouse release.
  • Added Neutron-Nova interactions support.
  • Added external network bridge and interface driver for vpn agent.
  • Added support for puppetlabs-mysql 2.2 and greater.
  • Added neutron::config to handle additional custom options.
  • Added https support to metadata agent.
  • Added manage_service paraneter.
  • Added quota parameters.
  • Added support to configure ovs without installing package.
  • Added support for optional haproxy package management.
  • Added support to configure plugins by name rather than class name.
  • Added multi-worker support.
  • Added isolated network support.
  • Updated security group option for ml2 plugin.
  • Updated packaging changes for Red Hat and Ubuntu systems.
  • Updated parameter defaults to track upstream (Icehouse).
  • Fixed bug for subnets with empty values.
  • Fixed typos and misconfiguration in neutron.conf.
  • Fixed max_retries parameter warning.
  • Fixed database creation bugs.


  • Added neutron_port resource.
  • Added external network bridge for vpn agent.
  • Changed dhcp_lease_duration to Havana default of 86400
  • Fixed VPNaaS installation for Red Hat systems.
  • Fixed conflicting symlink.
  • Fixed network_vlan_ranges parameter for OVS plugin


  • Added write support for dns, allocation pools, and host routes to Neutron router provider.
  • Fixed multi-line attribute detection in base Neutron provider.
  • Fixed bugs with neutron router gateway id parsing.


  • Added VXLAN support.
  • Configures security group when using ML2 plugin.
  • Ensures installation of ML2 plugin.
  • Fixed server deprecated warnings.
  • Tuned report and downtime intervals for l2 agent.
  • Added support for neutron nvp plugin.
  • Ensures linuxbridge dependency is installed on RHEL.
  • Improved L3 scheduler support.
  • Fixed improper test for tunnel_types param.
  • Allows log_dir to be set to false in order to disable file logging.
  • Improves consistency with other puppet modules for OpenStack by prefixing database related parameters with database.
  • Removed strict checks for vlan_ranges.
  • Fixed neutron-metering-agent package for Ubuntu.
  • Fixed VPNaaS service name for Ubuntu.
  • Fixed FWaaS race condition.
  • Fixed ML2 package dependency for Ubuntu.
  • Removed erronious check for service_plugins.
  • Added support for https auth endpoints.
  • Makes haproxy package management optional.


  • Major release for OpenStack Havana.
  • Renamed project from quantum to neutron.
  • Changed the default quota_driver.
  • Removed provider setting requirement.
  • Fixed file permissions.
  • Fixed bug to ensure that keystone endpoint is set before service starts.
  • Added database configuration support for Havana.
  • Ensured dnsmasq package resource for compatibility with modules that define the same resource
  • Added multi-worker support.
  • Added metering agent support.
  • Added vpnaas agent support.
  • Added ml2 plugin support.
  • Fixed lbass driver name.


  • Improved documentation.
  • Added syslog support.
  • Added quantum-plugin-cisco package resource.
  • Various lint and bug fixes.