Puppet module to manage Augeas, a nice a configuration editing tool

Sebastien Varrette



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  • 0.1.4 (latest)
  • 0.1.1
released Aug 30th 2014
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  • Debian

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svarrette/augeas — version 0.1.4 Aug 30th 2014

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Augeas Puppet Module

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Puppet module to manage Augeas, a nice a configuration editing tool

  Copyright (c) 2014 S. Varrette <>


This Puppet module is an helper to manage Augeas, a configuration API. The various operations of this repository are piloted from a Rakefile which assumes that you have RVM installed on your system.


See metadata.json.

svarrette-augeas class parameters

  • $ensure [Default: 'present']: Ensure svarrette-augeas is present, absent etc.


class svarrette-augeas

 class { 'svarrette-augeas': 


Please refer to the header of each manifest files to understand the usage of classes and definitions associated to the 'svarrette-augeas' module.

Alternatively, generate automatically the documentation via puppet doc as follows:

   $> rake doc   # Not yet implemented

For other information, please refer to the metadata.json file in this directory

Librarian-Puppet / R10K Setup

You can of course configure svarrette-augeas in your Puppetfile to make it available with Librarian puppet or r10k by adding the following entry:

 mod svarrette-augeas, 
     :git =>,
     :ref => production 

Issues / Feature request

You can submit bug / issues / feature request using the svarrette-augeas Tracker.

Developments / Contributing to the code

If you want to contribute to the code, you shall be aware of the way this module is organized. These elements are detailed on doc/

You are more than welcome to contribute to its development by sending a pull request.



You should become familiar (if not yet) with Git. Consider these resources: