Module for installing and configuring Weave for Docker

Graham Taylor



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  • 0.1.0 (latest)
released Feb 26th 2015
This version is compatible with:
  • Puppet Enterprise 3.x
  • Puppet 3.x
  • RedHat

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tayzlor/weave — version 0.1.0 Feb 26th 2015


Puppet module for installing, and configuring Weave, the virtual network that connects Docker containers deployed across multiple hosts.


If you install this from the git repository rather than from the forge, dependencies must be managed manually. This module requires:

In order to run Weave a kernel version after 3.5 is required, the newer the better.


This module includes a single class:

include 'weave'

By default this downloads the Weave binary from Github and installs it under /usr/local/bin/weave.

If you want to install via a package management system:

class { 'weave':
  install_method => 'package',
  package_name   => 'weave',
  package_ensure => 'present',

If you are using this in conjunction with garethr/docker module.

class { 'weave':
  require => Service['docker'],
Service['docker'] -> Service['weave']

By default this will run weave launch (on install) without connecting to any cluster peers. If you want weave to launch with other peers in the cluster:

class { 'weave':
  peers => ['', ''],

This will end up as weave launch

If you want weave to expose a subnet you can also specify the expose parameter:

class { 'weave':
  expose => '',

This can also be used in conjunction with create_bridge:

class { 'weave':
  expose        => '',
  create_bridge => true,

This will end up running -

/usr/local/bin/weave expose
/usr/local/bin/weave create-bridge


It is possible to run this on Centos 6.5, but you will required a patched/upgraded kernel version (as Weave requires Kernel 3.5 or greater). You might also be required to update the iptables package.

If you want some information around how to install kernel 3.10 on Centos 6.5 check out this link