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Install Hadoop MapReduce Version 2.3.0 and provides its java dependency with the jdk1.7.0_51. Then installs stratosphere on top of yarn.




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  • 0.0.1 (latest)
released Jun 19th 2014

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tobw/hadoop — version 0.0.1 Jun 19th 2014

Puppet module for deploying and automatically configuring hadoop, hdfs and yarn on a cluster of machines. The slaves only have to sign in at the the puppet master, the rest is fully automated. Stratosphere is started on top of YARN.

This module deploys Hadoop MapReduce on a cluster of machines. And runs stratosphere on top of YARN. It is based on viirya/hadoop 0.0.4, thank you.


  • Configure good firewalls/security-groups
  • Each puppet agent which connects to the puppet master will be used as a hdfs and yarn node.
  • Configuration does happen automatically