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released May 23rd 2014

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viirya/hbase — version 0.0.9 May 23rd 2014

Puppet module for deploying Hbase in fully-distributed mode

This module deploys Hbase in fully-distributed on a cluster of machines. It is tested with Apache Hbase 0.98.2 and Apache Hadoop 2.2.0 (deployed using puppet module viirya/hadoop) under puppet agent/master environment.


After installing this module in puppet master node, in site.pp, defining:

node 'your hbase slave nodes' { include java include hbase::cluster::slave }

node 'your hbase master node' { include java include hbase::cluster::master }

Before deploying this module, please install and setup Hadoop cluster on machines. This module assumes that ssh connection and hadoop users are all set up.

Since the issue HBASE-7904 of working Hbase with Hadoop 2.0.3 alpha release, if you want to use the Hadoop version, you needto rebuild Hbase tarball against Hadoop 2.0.3 alpha.

Downloading Apache Hbase package (or rebuild the tarball) and putting the tarball under files/.

You need to put a tarball that contains some hadoop jar files under files/lib/.

This puppet module will remove /lib/hadoop-core-1.0.4.jar from untarred hbase directory. If the hadoop jar file contained in your hbase package is not the file, please modify the corresponding object in manifests/init.pp.

Please also modify parameters 'version', 'master' and 'slaves' in manifests/params.pp.

When you deploy, make sure all slaves are deployed before begin to deploy master node since it will launch services on slaves.

Since 0.0.8, this module supports Kerberos-secured Hbase installation. You can generate Kerberos principles and keytab files for Hbase before installing Hbase by:

include hbase::cluster::kerberos

Then copy generated keytab files from $keytab_path to files/keytab/. These keytab files would be copyed and installed on corresponding nodes according to $fqdn.