This module contains a set of roles and some useful functions.

William Durand



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  • 0.0.16 (latest)
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  • 0.0.12
  • 0.0.11
  • 0.0.10
  • 0.0.9 (deleted)
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released Oct 25th 2013

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willdurand/bazinga — version 0.0.16 Oct 25th 2013


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This Puppet module contains a set of roles and some useful functions for the following modules:


Using the Puppet Module Tool, install the willdurand/bazinga package by running the following command:

puppet module install willdurand/bazinga

Otherwise, clone this repository, and make sure to install the proper dependencies.

Important: Version 0.0.11 is broken, do not use it, never!

Minimum Requirements

The bazinga::roles::base role requires the following modules to work:

Other roles need modules listed in introduction.


Get the modules above, and that one by cloning it:

git clone git:// modules/bazinga

The Roles

This module provides a set of roles. Most of them depends on other Puppet modules.


This role depends on:

It configures APT and NTP, ensures ssh is present and running, installs common tools such as screen, curl, htop, ack-grep, and vim, and removes useless packages (nfs-common, portmap) on standard machines (i.e. not Vagrant machines as Vagrant requires them).

class { 'bazinga::roles::base':
    vagrant => true,


This role depends on:

It installs Apache, enables the rewrite mod, and adds a new home directory for the Apache user (/home/${user}/www) if it is not the default one (www-data for instance).

If you want to configure your own Apache user and/or group, this role will create them:

class { 'bazinga::roles::apache':
  apache_user  => 'foo',
  apache_group => 'bar',


This role depends on:

It relies on the bazinga::roles::apache role.

It installs not only Apache, but also the fastcgi mod, enables the actions and fastcgi mods, installs FPM, and creates a FPM pool for the Apache user.


This role depends on:

It installs a fully working PHP environment including the curl, intl and apc extensions, and Composer.

Important: this role does not install anything related to any web server. If you want to use PHP to run web applications, use the bazinga::roles::apache_fpm role in addition.

Important: this role does not install anything related to any database vendor. If you want to use MySQL, use the bazinga::roles::php_mysql role instead.

Running the tests

Install the dependencies using Bundler:

BUNDLE_GEMFILE=.gemfile bundle install

Run the following command:

BUNDLE_GEMFILE=.gemfile bundle exec rake spec


puppet-bazinga is released under the MIT License. See the bundled LICENSE file for details.