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This module enables you to install Shibboleth (mainly for the Kuali Coeus Project, for the moment)

Jeffery Bagirimvano



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Version information

  • 0.3.1 (latest)
  • 0.3.0
released Mar 20th 2015
This version is compatible with:
  • Puppet Enterprise 3.x
  • Puppet 3.x
  • RedHat

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jefferyb/shibboleth — version 0.3.1 Mar 20th 2015


This module manages shibboleth. It started out as a spin off from Aethylred/shibboleth's module but ended up re-writting it. I created this module mainly to work with my other module, jefferyb/kualicoeus but looking into expanding it to with other applications (It should work with any apache/tomcat web server/servlet)

Example Usage

The following is an example installation:

class { '::shibboleth':
  # Set discoveryProtocol SSO Attributes
  idpURL                   => '',
  # Session location to secure
  session_location         => 'secure',
  # Metadata
  provider_uri             => '',
  backingFileName          => 'providers.xml',
  provider_reload_interval => '600',

Parameters for shibboleth

  • admin Sets the Shibboleth administrator's email address, defaults to root@localhost
  • hostname Sets the host name to be used in the Shibboleth configuration, defaults to fqdn
Shibboleth2.xml Settings
  • cookieProps You should also set cookieProps to "https" for SSL-only sites. Defaults to https
  • handlerSSL Using handlerSSL="true", the default, will force the protocol to be https. Defaults to true
  • discoveryURL The URL of the discovery service, is undefined by default
  • idpURL The URL of a single IDp, is undefined by default

Note: Either one of discoveryURL or idpURL is required, but not both.

  • discovery_protocol Sets the discovery protocol for the discovery service provided in the discoveryURL, defaults to SAMLDS
  • ecp_support Sets support for non-web based ECP logins, by default this is false
  • provider_type Sets the metadata provider type, defaults to 'XML'. defaults to XML
  • provider_uri Sets URI for the metadata provider, there is no default and this parameter is required.
  • backingFileName Sets the name of the metadata backing file, by default this is derived from the provider_uri
  • provider_reload_interval Set's the metadata reload interval in seconds, defaults to "7200"
  • sp_cert Sets the name of the Shibboleth Service Provider back end certificate, defaults to sp-cert.pem
  • bin_dir Sets the location of the Shibboleth tools (esp. shib-keygen), defaults to /usr/sbin
  • session_location Session location to secure. Defaults to undef
Parameters for customised attribute_map
  • change_attribute_map_file Defaults to false. Change it do true if you want to true if you want to use a customised attribute map downloaded from the provided URI.
  • attribute_map_source Sets the URI for downloading the Attribute map from. There is no default, and this parameter is required.
mod_ssl Settings
  • configure_mod_ssl Defaults to true. Set it to false to skip/not use the shibboleth::setup_mod_ssl Class, like if you have your own setup of mod_ssl or because of another module.
  • install_mod_ssl_pkg Defaults to true. Set it to false if you're having conflict with other modules or don't want to install the mod_ssl package.
  • manage_ssl_certificate In case you have another module to manage $install_openssl_pkg, you can turn this off by setting to false and won't cause conflicts.
  • install_openssl_pkg Defaults to true to install openssl packages.
  • create_ssl_cert Create new ssl certificates. If set to false, then it will use key_cert_source and csr_cert_source to get certificates. Defaults to true
  • key_cert_source Sets the location of the key cert. Defaults to puppet:///modules/shibboleth/${::hostname}.key
  • csr_cert_source Sets the location of the csr cert. Defaults to puppet:///modules/shibboleth/${::hostname}.crt
  • sslCertificateChainFile Defaults to false. Set this to true when you get signed certificate and set incommon_cert_source
  • incommon_cert_source Sets the location of your signed certificate. Defaults to puppet:///modules/shibboleth/${::hostname}.incommon-chain.crt
  • sslSessionCacheTimeout Change SSLSessionCacheTimeout in ssl.conf
Apache Settings
  • configure_apache Defaults to true. Set it to false if you're having conflicts with other apache module.
  • install_apache_pkg Defaults to true. Set it to false if you're having conflicts with other package install.
  • setup_proxy_ajp Used to forward session_location requests to Tomcat. Defaults to true.
  • apache_DocumentRoot Defaults to /var/www/html
Shibboleth Settings
  • shibboleth_conf_dir Defaults to /etc/shibboleth
  • shibboleth_conf_file Defaults to shibboleth2.xml
  • shib_attribute_map_file Defaults to attribute-map.xml
  • setup_AJP13_support Setup AJP13 support in your servlet container and for now, it's tomcat
  • tomcat_base Defaults to /opt/apache-tomcat/tomcat6
  • manage_shib_certificate This generates a self signed x509 certificate used to secure connections with a Shibboleth Federation registry. If the key is ever lost or overwritten the certificate will have to be re-registered. Defaults to true. Set it to false if you want them to be deployed from the puppetmaster by setting shib_key_source and shib_cert_source.
  • shib_key_source Defaults to puppet:///modules/shibboleth/${::hostname}.sp-key.pem
  • shib_cert_source Defaults to puppet:///modules/shibboleth/${::hostname}.sp-cert.pem
  • create_shib_cert Defaults to true.