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released Aug 13th 2013

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rmsphd/windows_firewall — version 0.0.3 Aug 13th 2013

#Windows Firewall module for Puppet

#Overview Puppet module to manage the Microsoft Windows Firewall

This module is also available on the Puppet Forge

Status Dependency

##Module Description


####Setup Requirements

##Usage First please read the Wiki regarding how we assume your network share should be configured. Then installing office is as simple as:

The windows_firewall class has some defaults that can be overridden, for instance if you wanted to disable to windows firewall

class { 'windows_firewall': ensure => 'stopped' }

Allow port/protocol example

windows_firewall::exception { 'WINRM':
  ensure       => present,
  direction    => 'in',
  action       => 'Allow',
  enabled      => 'yes',
  protocol     => 'TCP',
  port         => '5985',
  key_name     => 'WINRM-HTTP-In-TCP',
  display_name => 'Windows Remote Management HTTP-In',
  description  => 'Inbound rule for Windows Remote Management via WS-Management. [TCP 5985]',

Allow program example

windows_firewall::exception { 'myapp': ensure => present, direction => 'in', action => 'Allow', enabled => 'yes', program => 'C:\myapp.exe', display_name => 'My App', description => 'Inbound rule for My App', }

##Development Copyright (C) 2013 Liam Bennett - Distributed under the terms of the Apache 2 license - see LICENSE file for details. Further contributions and testing reports are extremely welcome - please submit a pull request or issue on GitHub Please read the Wiki as there is a lot of useful information and links that will help you understand this module

##Release Notes

0.0.2 Some bug fixes and additional testing

0.0.1 The initial version