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A module for installing drush from version control and managing its configuration.


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Version information

  • 1.4.0 (latest)
  • 1.3.0
  • 1.2.1
  • 1.2.0
  • 1.1.0
  • 1.0.0
  • 0.0.4
  • 0.0.3
  • 0.0.2
  • 0.0.1
released Jun 19th 2017

Start using this module

  • r10k or Code Manager
  • Bolt
  • Manual installation
  • Direct download

Add this module to your Puppetfile:

mod 'zivtech-drush', '1.4.0'
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Add this module to your Bolt project:

bolt module add zivtech-drush
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Manually install this module globally with Puppet module tool:

puppet module install zivtech-drush --version 1.4.0

Direct download is not typically how you would use a Puppet module to manage your infrastructure, but you may want to download the module in order to inspect the code.



zivtech/drush — version 1.4.0 Jun 19th 2017

Puppet Drush

Yet another module for installing drush. This module relies on the excellent node-php module and provides a resource for placing configuration files in a recursively required conf.d directory. This module installs drush from git and installs drush's sole dependency (Console_Table) using PEAR.


puppet module install zivtech-drush



The simplest way is to just include the drush module:

include drush


class { 'drush':
  # Here any git ref from the drush repo can be used
  git_ref => 'master',

drush::config { 'dump-dir':
  value => '/path/to/dumpdir',

drush::config { 'alias-path':
  value  => 'array(\'/path/to/aliases\', \'/path2/to/more/aliases\')'
  string => false,