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  • 0.1.9 (latest)
  • 0.1.8
  • 0.1.7
released Oct 17th 2013

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fsalum/activemq — version 0.1.9 Oct 17th 2013


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This module configures ActiveMQ. It uses the Apache ActiveMQ binary package and the Java runtime.

Quick Start

Since this module uses the original binary package instead of linux distro packages you will need to download it after you install the module. I did not include the binary package due its size. Go to the website for the latest release link and pass the version name as a parameter to the class, see below:

puppet module install fsalum/activemq
cd /etc/puppet/modules/activemq/files

The example in the tests directory provides a good example of how the ActiveMQ module may be used. In addition, the MCollective Module provides a good example of a service integrated with this ActiveMQ module.

node default {
  class  { 'java':
    distribution => 'jdk',
    version      => 'latest',

  class  { 'activemq': }

Change the default user/password for mcollective and admin:

class  { 'activemq':
  webconsole              => true,
  stomp_user              => 'mcollective',
  stomp_passwd            => 'marionette',
  stomp_admin             => 'admin',
  stomp_adminpw           => 'secret',
  activemq_mem_min        => '1G',
  activemq_mem_max        => '1G',
  activemq_binary_version => 'apache-activemq-5.7.0',

The activemq_mem_min and activemq_mem_max were added in order to customize the memory when using Vagrant.

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Related Work

This module is a fork from puppetlabs-activemq but instead of using the Linux distro package it uses the binary distribution from Apache ActiveMQ. Requires download of Apache ActiveMQ manually.

Web Console

The module manages the web console by default. The web console port is usually located at port 8161:

To disable this behavior, pass in webconsole => false to the class. e.g.

node default {
  class { 'activemq':
    webconsole => false,